Study Tour

This is conducted for all classes to expose the students to the knowledge of nature. It will help them with the real life experience which will leave an indelible imprint in the minds of the children. It will also help children enjoy the scenic beauty and be exposed to the historic monuments and other places of importance.


  • Eco Club - To make students aware of the present scenario and dire need to act to maintain our planet alive.
  • Heritage Club - To make children aware and proud of our great cultural heritage and try to promote and protect it.
  • Health and Wellness Club - This club aims to prepare children to identify and avert the health and wellness hazards of our times and lead a healthy life
  • Mathematics Club - To enhance the numerical and problem solving skills of students and sharpen their brains to the fullest.
  • Mass Media and Photography Club - To enable Children span their photographic eyes and capture the best and most beautiful moments of life with technical excellence.
  • Quiz and Debate Club - This club intents to promote the inquisitiveness, critical thinking and communication skills of students.
  • Science Club - To tap the analytical and scientific aptitude of students and bring out the research abilities in them.