Our transport provider, a Government of India recognised transport provider,. Each bus is manned by competent drivers and bus assistants who ensure that the students are taken to school and dropped back home safely.


. Students are expected to stand in a queue to board the bus, and allow juniors to be seated first.

. Sit down in the seat allotted by the attendant in the bus and always remain seated in the moving bus.

. Students must follow the instructions given by the bus staff.

. Respect the bus staff.

. Speak softly in the bus.

. Behave well with other pupils.

. Do not eat in the bus or litter the bus.

. Any damage caused to the interiors of the bus will be strictly dealt with.

. The use of school transport is not allowed unless you are a regular bus user.

. The school should be informed in writing or via email in case of a permanent change of location at least one week in advance.

. Change in the boarding or alighting points is strictly restricted.

. In case of early / late departure, parents will have to pick their ward from school.


Those who wish to discontinue the use of school transport should submit a written request with one month's notice. The original receipt must be enclosed for refund of transport deposit.

" Note : School doesn't own any vehicle. It is the responsibility of the parent to reach their students at school."